How to Achieve an Extreme Golf Swing


There is no doubt that tee shots are one of the most exciting sights in a golf game. They are the first shots the golf players hit in order to reach the hole as fast as possible. Most exciting and breathtaking among tee shots are those that reach 270 – 470 yards. These are shots that only professional golfers who trained extensively and accumulated a lot of experience throughout their career can make. In fact, there are professional golfers who specialize in tee shots or long drives and compete in exclusive long drive competitions such as the World Long Drive, which has developed into a major category in the sport. If you are a golf enthusiast, then you definitely have long drives or tee shots among your most beloved repertoire.

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If you want to develop your long drive further and achieve a feat that will include you among the best of the professionals and even reach a level where you can compete in Long Drive competitions, then you will find this article very helpful. Below are three simple tips that will surely turn your long drive into an extreme golf swing.

  1. Foundation

Foundation is one of the most basic elements in any sports. Any athlete should always train and develop their bodies and mental strength. A lot of golfers tend to ignore the basic body training which is the reason why they can’t produce the best results possible with their potential. Not only should one train their arm strength and follow through, golfers should also develop their lower body strength, their joints for efficient pivoting and the proper posture for golf. Most professional golfers even the champion long drivers have long been telling their peers to not neglect the training of their lower bodies. Instead of focusing on arm strength as the source of power and speed, hips and legs can also significantly contribute to long drive’s power and speed. Furthermore, by having a consistent form, a more accurate and crisp golf swing can be produced.

  1. Balance

Balance is a very important factor in determining the shot’s power, speed, and accuracy. From the initial position of the feet, the tilt of the spine and the form of the swing – the initial swing to the back swing until contact should all be balanced. The power from the weight shifting must be balanced with the torso rotation. For long drives, a wide and balanced stance is the generally accepted form. Practice your swing without the ball, start from the backswing and transfer the power to the front along with the rotation of your torso. Utilizing your waists and shoulders will increase the accuracy and speed of your shot. While it may sound hard, once you practice and find the ideal feeling, then you will definitely see the results.

  1. Sweet Spot

Without hitting the ball, there wouldn’t be an extreme golf swing highlight. Additionally, even if you do manage to hit the ball, the power and speed would be useless if you don’t hit the right spot of the golf ball. There is what they call the sweet spot which is hitting the ball with the center of the club face. Once you succeed in hitting at the center of the driver and hear that crisp and hard sound, then you have just developed an extreme long drive swing.

And finally, as an additional tip, you can utilize equipment called a golf swing analyzer which from the name itself can aid you in analyzing your game technically by the numbers and make you a better overall player. They are easily available nowadays with the help of the internet. If you are interested in trying one, then you can visit