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World Champion BMXers News

The World Champion BMXers have made a real statement over the last couple of years. Before, there were just a few riders competing, striving...

Kink 2012 Curb 20-Inch BMX Bike Review

With all of the different types of BMX bikes available this holiday season, making a decision on any particular one can be difficult. Size,...

Meet the Latest Young BMX Star – Brooke Crain

Many extreme sports have a lack of gender diversity when it comes to professional competition. In the adrenaline-pumping sport of bicycle motocross, or BMX,...

DK Siklon 2011 BMX Bike Review

For many people, BMXing is not just an extreme sport, it is a way of life.  Although skateboarding took the place of the BMX’s...

Diamondback Viper BMX Bike Review

BMXing is back with a vengeance.  At the beginning of the 90s, skateboarding really took off and rather took over from the good old...

BMX Nostalgia

I never planned on having a love affair with extreme sports and I’m probably your most unlikely candidate.  When I was a little girl...